Sunland Guitars is home to one of the area's most experienced luthiers. With over 7,000 guitars and 12+ years of experience, Erik Ulven offers guitar services for any and all guitar repairs! 

  • Expert Set-ups
  • Full or partial fretwork repairs
  • Electronics repairs and modifications
  • Small to extensive damage repair including dents, dings and cracks
  • Broken neck and headstock
  • Acoustic bridge lifts, shims, neck sets, and humidity treatment

*Price does NOT include strings. Please bring strings with your guitar. Click HERE for help choosing the right set.

Compare Our Prices: 

*Prices above are for walk-in service only and will be put in order of drop off. Private appointments for setups cost a premium to skip the line and will be completed by the end of the appointment.


Private Appointments:

  1. Choose the Pro Setup or Speed Setup/String Change service below
  2. Purchase here online (premium prices to skip the line)
  3. Click the link in the service description to schedule (24 hours notice required).


For all other repairs or services:

  1. Check our hours on google (maps) and bring your guitar into our shop.
  2. Our repair tech will inspect the instrument, fill out an intake form and give you a quote for time and price of the service
  3. Payment due after repair/service is completed (unless extensive repair/service requires down payment for materials or supplies).