Schedule Instructions:

  1. Click on one of the four options below to be directed to the booking page.
  2. Schedule an appointment like it's a haircut! All work is completed DURING the appointment.
  3. Schedule the option you are most willing to pay for (if you're not sure). I only charge you for the amount of time actually spent to solve the problem or to complete the requested service.
  4. See minimum pricing on our Pricing Sheet at the bottom of this page.
  5. Pay once service is complete, unless parts needed to be ordered are over $100.
  6. Bring your own strings and any parts or hardware you'd like installed during the appointment.
  7. Physical damage or structural repairs cannot be completed in an appointment. Please email before scheduling a drop off.
  8. Please be on time.


Appointment Examples:

Example 1: Your guitar is buzzy, hasn't been serviced in a long time (or maybe ever). Schedule a Pro Setup + Extra or the most time you're willing to pay for. Most guitars don't need a fret level but the time is still there just in case. If I fix the buzzing in under 20 minutes, I'll charge for a Speed Setup, $75. If I fix it in one hour, I'll charge for a Pro Setup $100 (and I'll make sure you get everything included in that service).
Example 2: Your guitar is playing well but you think it might need a slight adjustment and you want to swap out two pickups. Schedule Pro Setup + Extra. I'll swap out the pickups and do a Speed Setup in that time. I'll charge $75 for the Speed Setup and $60 for swapping the pickups.


1. Why can't I just drop it off? I don't have the space to store more than a handful of guitars at a time and I want to make sure every guitar setup is personalized for each client. It's hard to do a personal setup if you're not there to give me feedback.
2. Do I need to stay for the whole appointment? No, you can run errands and come back at the end of the appointment to pay and pick up the guitar.
3. What if I don't see a time that works for me? Email to request a custom time!
4. How do I know how much time I need to schedule? Look at the pricing sheet at the bottom and add as much time as the dollar amount shows for any add ons. So a SPEED SETUP on a CLASSICAL GUITAR is going to cost an extra $20. The regular speed setup is 30 minutes plus an extra 20 minutes equals 50 minutes, so schedule an appointment with the PRO SETUP link for a one hour appointment.
5. Do you sell strings? How do I know what strings to buy? We are NOT a string retailer. We might have a few packs of generic strings available for emergencies, but we recommend bringing an extra set or two to the appointment. Click HERE for our string recommendations.
6. Can you order parts for me? We can, BUT we recommend that our clients do the research on their own to make sure you get the product(s) you know you want and know what to expect. We do not get special discounts so we won't be able to save you money. If you aren't sure about something, you are welcome to email for questions.
7. ELECTRONICS Electronics troubleshooting is only by 30 minute appointments. If the problem isn't resolved after that, an option to drop off my be offered if there is a clear solution that just needs more time. Schedule a Drop Off if you need complex wiring of pickups and/or pots (anything other than basic wiring and functions like push/pull pots, add-on mods, or full electronics overhauls). GIBSON (or likewise) circuit boards must be completely overhauled with all new electronics components unless you have the correct quick-connect compatible hardware to install.


(click on one of the below options to be redirected to the booking page)

Only for major repairs and mods. Please email before scheduling.


For when you know the guitar needs a small adjustment and you want to save money. See full details at the bottom of the page.


Full cleaning and all adjustments. The guitar will be in the best possible condition at the end of the appointment. See full details at the bottom of the page.


Full cleaning and all adjustments plus a modification or two.  Please email before scheduling.



Pricing Sheet