Artist Sponsorship

Are you an artist looking for a unique, signature guitar?

Need a guitar brand willing to stand behind you and your work?

Would you like a guitar brand to help you and your reputation grow?


What we offer:

  • A Signature Guitar with custom specs and style made exclusive to you

  • Strings, custom pickups, amps, cabinets, pedals, and cables made just for you

  • Social media marketing, videography, and graphic design for you and your brand

  • The ability to grow and have access to the latest guitars and products as we grow as a company

  • Sunland Guitars branded apparel and accessories


What we're looking for:

  • Must know how to play all or most styles of guitar

  • Record label contract signed (preferred) and/or have a large social media or Youtube following

  • Availability for regular product promotional videos and in-person events

  • Must exclusively perform and showcase Sunland guitars and related products

For artist consideration, please send your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to Sunland Guitars. Include your personal or band bio, links to a copy of your latest album, links to your website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or other online presence, as well as any other important information. Please include the name of your primary point-of-contact, a phone number and an email address. Also, please include what Sunland Guitars products or gear you're interested in.

Please send to: