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  It seems simple and straight forward to swap them out but there's some specs you need to know! Even on their website it's understandable how people order the Pro Series and don't even realize it won't fit in the same place as an original series bridge. The only place you can see the specs is in the pdf file on the product page but most people don't know what the underside of an original series looks like so they won't know how different the pro series is! All it takes is a small, 1 hour mod, and if done...

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We've all been there when we're at the guitar shop, looking things over, and we're not really sure if this guitar is set up correctly. At times, our own guitars at home go through changes with the seasons and all of a sudden you get fret buzz, ugh! Buzzing in different places, strings feel a little high (or low), or just getting a bad feeling about a guitar are common for all guitarists. I wanted to make a video series about how to diagnose and correct fret buzz. Here's video one: How to Fix Fret Buzz: Inspections & Adjustments

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