Full History

Lot's to Learn:

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Sunland Guitars didn't just magically appear out of nowhere. Ohh no! There's a lengthy background starting all the way back to 2010 when Erik went to Iowa State University, 1 hour south of his home town. Erik studied Industrial Design at ISU where he learned product design and manufacturing as well as taking basic business courses. For his senior thesis, Erik designed and built two electric guitars and made a business plan for his own guitar brand and manufacturing company.

One week after graduating from ISU, Erik packed up his things and moved to Nashville, TN. In less than one week, he found a job at a high intensity guitar repair shop. He learned and mastered every repair and worked on almost every guitar on the market. Erik also earned a position in the paint department where he learned expert painting and finishing techniques and excelled at color matching, repair cover ups, and custom paint jobs.

This work wasn't enough for Erik so he started his own guitar repair and custom built guitar company. Although he enjoyed learning and practicing his repair skills, he desperately needed an outlet to design and build his own guitars.

By the end of his time in Nashville, Erik had an impressive resume of working on over 6,000 instruments and built a few guitars along the way.


Let's Go to the Beach:

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In 2018 Erik and his family moved to Daytona Beach, FL, seeking the beach life and running away from the snow and cold weather. Erik started offering repair services out of his garage and saw impressive growth during COVID.

In January of 2021, Erik opened up Sunland's first storefront. By focusing on providing high quality repairs and building the first Sunland guitars, the Sunland name began to spread rapidly through the area. 



and Beyond!

The future of Sunland Guitars is looking better every day! Currently we are looking for a new retail location to offer professional services for our local musicians and to build a strong guitar community here in Daytona Beach. Our goal is to offer our own brand of products, not just guitars but also picks, accessories, amps, cabs, and anything else we can make an improvement on.

A new and unique line of guitars: Tired of the same old strat's, tele's, and LP's? US TOO! We're currently in the process of designing a new line of guitars to offer as an alternative to the boring, old designs we've seen for the last 70 years. 

The most brutal metal guitars on the planet: Once we establish our commercial Sunland line, we will begin developing our own line of metal guitars. Points, bevels, dark colors, multi-scale, 7+ strings... We fully intend to have the most brutal line of metal guitars in existence.

Limited Edition: Here at Sunland Guitars, having two lines of unique electric guitars isn't enough. Along the way, we'll be launching limited edition designs that will only be produced ONCE for a limited run in quantities of 1, 10, 20, 50, or 100. It's hard standing out as a musician when everyone else has the same guitar. It's also getting harder to purchase a guitar that will grow in value over time because so many companies build 1000's of the same guitar. Our limited edition guitars will have a slight price adjustment compared to our production models but we intend to keep them at a competitive price for our customers.

Guitar Picks: As you may have already seen, we are producing boutique guitar picks out of epoxy resin. Right now they are on a limited drop schedule so we can show our creativity in the market. We are currently testing various manufacturing processes to provide higher quality, maximum consistency, and unique styles.

Workshops: Sunland guitars is dedicated to educating our guitar community by providing in-person and online workshops for everything you need to know about guitars! Playing technique and theory, repairs and restoration, recording and gear, and building your own brand or business as a musician or luthier.

Repairs: Sunland guitars will continue to provide expert repair services for our local community. We believe every guitar and every musician deserves the best service for their guitar so they can be the best guitarist they can be.

Here to Help: Sunland guitars isn't here to hoard our knowledge and expertise. If you need help with ANYTHING regarding guitars or guitar related products, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!