Beginner Guitar Setup Appointment

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What's Included in the service:

  • Restring
  • Fretboard clean and polish
  • Cleaning of instrument
  • Adjustment of truss rod and string height (action).
  • Inspection of body, hardware, and electronics for damage or fault
  • Minor fretwork if necessary
  • Intonation

Why an appointment is so important:

  • You can watch and learn everything I do
  • I'll let you try inspecting your guitar, winding strings, and cleaning the RIGHT way under my professional supervision, and…
  • You can ask important questions and get the ANSWERS immediately

I usually offer this appointment for $90 but I'm offering it to you for $50!

Click HERE to schedule.

*Price does NOT include strings. Please bring strings with your guitar. Click HERE for help choosing the right set.