Beginner Bundle - One Setup & One Lesson

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What's Included in the setup:

  • Restring
  • Fretboard clean and polish
  • Cleaning of instrument
  • Adjustment of truss rod and string height (action,).
  • Inspection of body, hardware, and electronics for damage or fault
  • Minor fretwork if necessary
  • Intonation

Why an appointment is so important:

  • You can watch and learn everything I do
  • I'll let you try inspecting your guitar, winding strings, and cleaning the RIGHT way under my professional supervision, and…
  • You can ask important questions and get the ANSWERS immediately

*Price does NOT include strings. Please bring strings with your guitar. Learn how to choose the right strings HERE.



Sunland Guitars offers personalized guitar lessons for everyone whether you're ready to take your first steps in learning guitar or you're stuck and need someone to push you to the next level!

  • Learn the basics while learning your favorite songs!
  • Become a master of the fretboard with extensive music theory! 
  • Learn how to play with a live band!
  • Guidance for auditions into bands or into college programs!
  • Learn how to start your own career in music!

Our staff and instructors are qualified professionals with degrees in music and real-life, music industry experience to help you get as far as you need to go!

The best way to jump into learning something new is to commit to it long term! 



For $100 you get ONE 1 Hour Trial Lesson AND ONE 1 Hour setup appointment.

The trial lesson usually costs $70 and a setup appointment usually costs $90. That's $60 in savings! The cost of another lesson or a full setup!

Not a bad price to pay to make sure you're on the RIGHT path to learning guitar.


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