Guitar Lessons

Our Goal:

Sunland Guitars is all about building guitars AND guitarists!

We teach the language of guitar which means our goal for every guitarist is to be able to play with any musician at any time by speaking the same language in person and with the guitar. We personalize every lesson for you and to your style of playing! No books, no crazy rules, and theory is called theory for a reason!

You'll be able to:

  • Improvise
  • Create and record original music
  • Play with a band
  • Learn how and why your favorite guitarists play and sound the way they do

Our students leave us with the same knowledge and skills of any professional guitarist and in some cases MORE!

Take your playing to the next level or start your guitar hobby/career off with the correct knowledge and foundation to save you TIME and MONEY by learning the correct way the FIRST TIME!

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Meet the Instructors!

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David McWain


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