Our FREE 48 Point Guitar Inspection

Our FREE 48 Point Guitar Inspection

Sunland's 48-point Inspection

Hey, Erik here!

Our detailed 48-point Inspection ensures that each instrument is in factory-fresh condition and ready to play. As a professional technician and luthier, I'm trained in factory specifications and tolerances and years of customer feedback. You can count on the fact that I've looked at every aspect of your guitar or bass, from the input jack to the headstock, the same way I would if I was purchasing a guitar.

This inspection is included with  EVERY level of setup and is FREE upon request. Just stop by and let me check it out, no charge until a service adjustment is requested and completed!

Cosmetic and Construction Inspection

  • Inspect & polish body
  • Fingerboard surface
  • Neck & neck joint
  • Strings
  • Plastic parts
  • Hardware
  • Inlays
  • Binding
  • Nut
  • Headstock

Hardware Check

  • Motion/vibration test
  • Bridge
  • Tuning machines
  • Strap buttons
  • Truss rod cover
  • Pickguard
  • Output jack
  • Switches
  • Potentiometers
  • Pickup screws & rings
  • Neck joint screws/bolts
  • String trees
  • Battery compartment
  • Locking nut


Electronics Testing

  • Output jack & plug fit
  • Pickup switching
  • Potentiometers
  • Pickup splitting/tapping
  • Onboard tuner & battery
  • Electric pickups
  • Acoustic pickups
  • Onboard preamp
  • Onboard effects
  • 13-pin pickup

Playability Check

  • Check tuning machines & tune to pitch
  • Stretch strings & tune to pitch
  • String & saddle position
  • Neck relief
  • Frets
  • Action height
  • Intonation
  • Pickup height
  • Tremolo system
  • Play test all notes on the fretboard
  • Play test a variety of half- & whole-step bends
  • Play test a variety of chords & styles

Tune and Polish

  • Tune to pitch
  • Polish instrument


Is the 48-point Inspection the same as a "setup"?

Our 48-point Inspection is different than a setup, because our inspection ensures that the instrument meets manufacturer tolerances, whereas a setup tailors the guitar to a player's specific preferences. A setup typically involves installing your preferred strings, adjusting to a requested action height, and even installing new pickups or other parts. 

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